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Metolius Water Bottle


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Now You Can Have Your Beverage, And Drink It Too!

Our insulated Metolius Water Bottles are manufactured with vacuum sealed, double wall stainless steel, and equipped with an ergonomic BPA-free lid so that you can take your favorite beverage with you, wherever you may go. Keep your coffee hot while you check your local surf breaks or head out fishing - keep your drink cold while it sits in your car on a hot day, while you hike or while you enjoy a day at the beach. Regardless of where you go and what type of tasty liquids you prefer, the Metolius allows you to bring it with you, and enjoy it at the temperature that suits you.

We designed the Metolius Insulated Water Bottles not only to allow us to drink whatever we wanted whenever we wanted, but with one primary purpose in mind - to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic bottles from our lives. You can fill your Metolius with water from your tap or filter, with hot or cold coffee straight from the machine or poured by your favorite barista. It can carry whatever you want wherever you want, and you can throw away much less plastic in the process.

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  • Material: 18/8 Food-grade Stainless Steel (60-70% recycled/100% recyclable)
  • Lid Material: Recycled Polypropylene (100% recycled/100% recyclable)
  • Finish: Duripanā„¢ VOC-Free, Waste-Free Powder Coat Finish
  • Size/Volume: 18 oz ( 530 mL) and 32 oz (950 mL)
  • Dimensions: 3" x 9 3/4" (18 oz) and 3 3/8" x 12" (32 oz)
  • Color: Matte Black and Sage Green
  • Weight: 14.7 ounces/416 grams (18 oz) and 18.8 ounces/533 grams (32 oz)

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SteadyThermā„¢ InsulationVacuum sealed, double wall insulation extends the full length of the bottle and overlaps with our ergonomic insulated lid, so your beverage stays cold for over 24 hours - or hot for over 12 hours!
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BPA-Free and Taste-FreeOur fully recycled Polypropylene lid is BPA-free, and the food-grade 18/8 stainless steel bottle reservoir is completely taste free and rust-proof.
Tillak Metolius Water Bottle Highlight
Duripanā„¢ FinishOur innovative Duripan powder coat finish is textured to provide a highly durable, condensation free, no-slip surface. It is also VOC-free and applied with zero waste.
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Ergonomic HandleOur ergonomic and sturdy handle has plenty of room for your fingers and knuckles to carry your Metolius comfortably wherever you go.
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